We are very fortunate to have attracted the interest of several rock & roll legends, as well as some of the most promising new artists in the field. We’re incredibly proud to count them among our growing list of customers even though the PalmGuitar® was not originally intended to be an “artist” instrument. It was merely intended to be an extremely precise, very durable, instrument that plays and sounds like a high end custom guitar, but occupies only 1/6th the physical space of one
Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) –Custom Serial # 02005
Dave owns one of our first Custom instruments. Since he uses various Seymour Duncan® Hot Rails® pickups on his stage guitars, we added a Hot Rails® pickup in the bridge position and a Cool Rails® in the neck position, with normal neck/both/bridge switching. The Cool Rails provide a warm, creamy tone, while the Hot Rails provide much higher output for searing solos. Dave’s guitar was provided as our contribution to the Clive Burr MS Trust fund, in tribute to the former Maiden drummer now suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.
Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) – Standard Serial # 02028
Adrian picked up his PalmGuitar® backstage in Hartford, CT during their 2003 “Ed” tour. Two days before Maiden stopped in CT, this instrument was in our tradeshow booth in Nashville - if you visited our booth during the 2003 Summer NAMM show in Nashville, TN, and played one of our guitars, chances are you were playing Adrian Smith’s guitar. If not, you were playing Phil Campbell’s guitar.  
Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) – Custom Bass Serial #02019
Steve owns a Custom 4-string Bass made with split traditional Bartolini pickups, ABM top loading bridge and Gotoh mini bass tuners. As the driving force behind Iron Maiden, Steve is a consummate gentleman and has been very gracious in letting us participate in some of the recent tours. This band has endured for decades for once simple reason – they know what their customers want, and they deliver. We like that philosophy
Michael Kenney (Iron Maiden) – Standard Serial # 02010
The band’s live keyboardist, and bass technician to Steve Harris, Michael picked up his instrument at the 2002 Winter NAMM show, and brought the PalmGuitar® to the attention of the band just prior to the “Eddie” tour and “Dance of Death” recording sessions. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michael for his support in helping us evaluate some of the concepts that help keep the PalmGuitar® on the cutting-edge.  He’s an outstanding musician, and a great friend.
Phil Campbell (Motörhead) – Standard Serial # 02035 
If you visited Summer NAMM 2003 and didn’t play Adrian Smith’s guitar, you played Phil Campbell’s guitar. Phil picked up his guitar on the Iron Maiden tour, and was kind enough to video tape his first experience with a PalmGuitar® on stage just prior to showtime. He also reviewed the PalmGuitar® in his January 2004 interview in the UK’s Guitar Magazine. We can’t thank Phil enough for all his kindness and generosity. He ranked #6 in a recent “100 Welsh Heros” poll, just edging out Kathryn Zeta Jones in the #7 spot. He ranks #1 in our poll.
BT (Composer) – Custom Bass # 02042 & Custom Baritone # 02037
In a recent eMail, BT wrote:“My dream 10 years ago was to be able to carry my studio in a rolling Tumi bag. Now, between my 12" TiBook, an Oxy8 and my PalmGuitars®, I can do just that. PalmGuitar® has made playing great sounding riffs in a hotel room a reality, and they've made simply one of the coolest looking pieces of equipment I've ever seen or owned. An absolute must have for anyone who plays guitar and loves to travel. And, oh yeah... Did I mention that they sound amazing?”  BT  In addition to writing the score for the hit movie “Fast & Furious”, BT also wrote the incredibly intricate score for the Oscar Winning “Monster”, starring Charlize Theron and Christine Ricci. Haven’t heard of BT (aka Brian Transeau) before?  … you will.
Kevin Eubanks (Tonight Show) – Standard serial #02027
One of the most prolific jazz guitarists in the country, Kevin is best known as the music director of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” A brilliant performer, Kevin is also a gifted composer – he wrote the show’s closing theme “Kevin’s Country”. Kevin reports that the small size of the PalmGuitar® makes it a convenient tool for composition. A very classy guy, Kevin was kind enough to send us an autographed photograph and a kind note of thanks for making the PalmGuitar®.
ZZ Satriani (son of Joe Satriani) – Standard serial #02013
Son of legendary guitarist Joe Satriani, ZZ fell in love with the PalmGuitar® at the 2002 NAMM show. An incredibly gifted guitarist in his own right, ZZ often collaborates with his dad on composing new songs … something Joe is very proud of. We expect great things are in store for ZZ Satriani. Not only is Joe one of the finest guitarists ever born, he’s one of the nicest, most courteous people you could ever meet. Joe’s a teacher, and a great dad. So we’re pretty sure that no matter what inspires ZZ in adulthood, he’ll be a success.
John B. Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful) – Standard serial #02018
Woodstock veteran and local resident, John picked up his PalmGuitar® at the 2002 Summer NAMM show in Nashville. A very warm and humble guy, John reported recently that his PalmGuitar® was hijacked by his son Charlie when he left for college. We look at it this way – when your dad is a legendary singer/songwriter, and you need to snatch one of his guitars to take to college, you could probably choose from among the finest guitars in the world. Charlie grabbed his dad’s PalmGuitar®, and we think that’s pretty cool.
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