On the Road
We love hearing how our customers use the PalmGuitar® on the road. Here are some of the basics, along with a few tips you may wish to consider for your own use … let us know how you use your PalmGuitar®.

The PalmGuitar® comes complete with its own custom, embroidered ballistic nylon carrying case that includes a Velcro band for attaching to the pull handle of your luggage. It also comes with a custom Levy's Leather locking strap keep your instrument secure at all times. (Case, strap, and straplocks are not included with the Basic model).

The case is designed to be very small, and very flat - it's designed to carry your instrument and strap ONLY. We advise that you store your other gear in your briefcase, or some other location to avoid overstuffing the case and possably damaging the zipper.


Coming Soon!!  For those of you that simply can't resist jamming all your gear into a single bag, a double bag will be available shortly as an option. It has the capacity to hold two instruments, or one instrument, a guitar cord, headphone amp, and some other items. If your PalmGuitar® won't fit inside your existing luggage, and you prefer to check all bags when traveling, we're also working on a hard shell case for added protection if necessary. We'll let you know when extra case options are available, so check back often.

The PalmGuitar® was designed as a natural compliment for the dozens of pocket headphone processors, midi composers, and micro digital audio recorders that have hit the market. These incredible devices let you bring an entire studio’s worth of gear along with youanywhere you go. Most are battery powered, and can be mounted on your guitar strap for a completely wireless experience. We do not currently offer any of these devices for sale through our site, but you should be able to find them at any local music store. If you have trouble locating one that is perfect for you, give us a call and we'll help you find what you need.

If you prefer to play without headphones, but still need a compact amplifier to take with you as you travel by car, here is an example of a very small, very portable, full wireless modeling amp rig that was made by simply wiring together various aftermarket components. We did some modest power supply rewiring to utilize the internal gel cell rechargeable batteries of the amp, eliminating other battery needs. This included a +12 VDC power cord for a Samson® Airline® wireless receiver and a +4.5 VDC power cord for a Korg® Pandora® PX4 processor. We also added an Apple iPod® (rechargeable by itself) to provide a full digital audio input to the Pandora, giving us the ability to rehearse anywhere, at any time, at any volume. All you do is turn on the Hog 20 power switch (it immediately powers up the Airline wireless receiver and the Pandora), dial in a song on the iPod, switch on the Airline wireless remote on the PalmGuitar®, and the whole band comes to life. No cords. No kidding. If you happen to get the chance to sit in with a local lounge band, just ignore the iPod, set the amp on stage near a PA mic, and have some fun. Life is too short to let good playing opportunities slip by.

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