Customer Testimonials

In order to insure 100% customer satisfaction, we give every PalmGuitar® customer 60-days to enjoy their purchase in their own surroundings for at least 60-days, after which we offer to buy it back from them for a full refund unless they reply in writing that they refuse to send it back! In addition to avoiding any dissatisfaction blogs on the Internet, we get a rich supply of comments from our customers in refusing to send back their PalmGuitar® … we refuse to have anything less than fanatical customers. Here’s a brief sample of what they say …

  • Serial #02014 - The guitar is fabulous … I hit a string last night and said I wouldn't go to bed until it stopped ringing. With sustain like this I gave up after a couple of hours.

  • Serial #02015 - Tim, I got it, I love it, I am keeping it, you can't have it back!!!

  • Serial #02021 - I've played the heck out of my palm guitar and absolutely love it. It will serve me well as a "weapon system" if given the opportunity.

  • Serial #02026 - I am enjoying playing it so much that I am seriously considering a more customized unit.

  • Serial #02029 - The guitar does has amazing tone and have plugged into assorted amps at home including a VHT Pitbull and it really rocked ( my wife walked in and could not believe the sound was coming from the PalmGuitar ).

  • Serial #02032 - I am a psychotherapist and i am going to recommend Palm therapy to some of my patients. Well thanks for designing such a spectacular instrument. This damn guitar makes me feel like i am 20 years old again, i am having so much fun.

  • Serial # 02038 - I am very much enjoying my PalmGuitar! It hasn’t quite replaced my main studio guitars, but it certainly exceeds its scope as a mere “gadget”. In short, I like it because it is a real, professional guitar, which happens to work best as a travel instrument. Other than the studio, I took it with me last week on a 4-day business trip to Brazil, and it proved to be both very practical and fun. It was a good test run too, as one day I left it out on the balcony in my hotel room for the whole day, on a very hot and fairly humid day, and the Sofitel in Copacabana gets direct sunlight pretty much all day. Luckily no harm done.

  • Serial #02035 - hi tim, just want to thank you for inventing the palm guitar and for giving me the chance to play one.

  • Serial #02040 - I have received the Guitar ..OH MY GOD!!!! is all I can say..I really can believe the quality you have compressed into this little's like PITBULL guitar!!.. Everyone is totally freaked out over this thing and after about 5 mins of playing it feels like you've been playing it all your life. I have about 5 other guitars (Parker, Fender, Ovation, Takamine etc.) and this has something totally new to lay on the table besides it's ultra portability..the tone is really unique and totally useable. One MAJOR problem though... I cant walk into a sports bar anymore without someone asking me to borrow my pool cue!!..Everyone seems to think it's a pool cue in that

  • Serial #02046 - Well - the little beast has barely been out of my hands. Driving my wife crazy! The quality of the construction is great - very happy. The sound is amazing - the SD humbucker really spits out some tone.

  • Serial # 02037 & #02042 - These guitars are an absolute life changer for me. I HAVE RECORDED SO MANY TRACKS SINCE I LEFT IT's NOT FUNNY!! The craftsmanship on them is beautiful and the bari sounds sick!!! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!! They are fricking unreal....I don't know how I lived without these things. All my friends are flipping out about them.

  • Serial # 02036 & #02055 - You didn't get it right, you got it perfect. This is the best guitar I've ever played. I plugged it in to my POD because you promote it as a mobile axe that can make the pre-amps sizzle. True enough. Tone, sustain, intonation... perfect. I have a Fender Twin that I bought in 1966 (used). I have a Strat and a PRS I play through this amp...... no comparison. The Strat has a really good tone. (Only one) The PRS has a really good tone. (About three). But yours has texture. That tone control is fantastic. Every slight turn makes a new sound. All rip. I only intended to plug it in to make sure all was well but I couldn't put it down. Three straight hours and I'm still finding new riffs. I recall in some of your promo material that you caution about how easy it is to over bend the strings. You shouldn't caution about this, you should brag about it. My lead style is basically blues. What would BB King do if he could push 4-5 half steps if he needed to? This is a seriously expressive axe in that regard. (And it holds tune when you really lean on it) And BB plays those large gauge strings because he wants tone and sustain? You've got to get him to try one . No better tone or sustain than your axe. Again (like the bass) the small scale is way more positive than negative.

  • Serial # 02057 - I will never let you buy this back from me - it is the finest instrument I have ever owned. Kudos. I will tell whomever you need for referrals, anytime.

  • Serial # 02058 - Let me just say that I am even more impressed with this thing than I knew I would be. It's great having a real guitar with me without feeling like I'm 'lugging' anything. I'm rockin' in Memphis as I type. People are a little shocked at the price tag, but it's well worth it. I have to explain the whole graphite thing... I am indeed one of those people that is truly in love with this guitar. I wouldn't give back if you paid me more for it. I'm amazed at how close it feels to a full-scale fretboard. Perhaps it's a little easier for me; I have short fingers. And no, the saying is not true. Ha ha!

  • Serial # 02078 - The guitar arrived and it's beautiful. Much more solid than I figured. Yes, I immediately started in on chording to a song I was listening to and it didn't work. I installed the knee rest and that was much better. I have yet to experiment with the optimal position-- using the strap seems like it would offer more possibilities. I plugged it into my Korg Pandoras Box and this baby really sails! Very nice sustain (I could actually tell that right off just playing it unamplified). The intonation is solid. Also, I was really pleased to see that it retained the tuning you set before it was shipped. This is really a well-built instrument! I know I'll be able to adjust to a good playing position (I am an accomplished 'armchair' guitarist). I am half tempted to take this with me this weekend with my students-- we are going to hike about 60 miles through the southern Sierra and I had told them about the PalmGuitar.

  • Serial # 02071 & #02072 - Just wanted to touch base. I am still loving my twins! I have been using them on gigs regularly. People really like them.

  • Serial # 02075 - It was a great experience overall, eminently comfortable, effortless and solid. Everything I knew it would be. I really enjoyed my first session with it and know it's only going to get better as my left hand acclimates to it. Bottom line Tim, I officially reject your offer to buy it back... :-) They'll be prying my PalmGuitar Custom Bass from my cold dead fingers...

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