The PalmGuitar v2.1

The PalmGuitar® v2.1 adds a sculpted, carbon-fiber reinforced arm that moves the center of gravity of the instrument so that it balances more like a normal guitar without adding to its length or thickness.

The arm is filled with biaxial woven carbon fiber fabric and pressure cast molded with graphite filled epoxy to form an extremely lightweight structure that is stronger than steel. The arm is mounted into a pocket that is routed into the rear body of the instrument so that the overall thickness is not increased.

We designed the arm to follow the exact contour of the instrument so that excellent balance is achieved without disturbing the smooth contours of the body.

With its own strap lock button molded in, you’re free to use virtually any strap you’d like rather than only the one supplied with the guitar.

So if you’re one of those folks who just can’t adapt to the balance characteristics of the PalmGuitar® 2.0, the v2.1 may be for you.  If you’re not sure, don’t worry … any of the v2 series options can be installed on any v2 at any time. Modifying an existing instrument will take a minimum of 48 hours turnaround time. If you’d prefer instead to order your v2.1 from the start, if we don’t have finished v2.1’s in stock, the wait shouldn’t be more than a couple of days.

The PalmGuitar v2.1Vitruvian ManFor those who prefer to play sitting down, the PalmGuitar® v2.1 also includes a carbon-fiber reinforced leg rest that attaches magnetically to an imbedded carbon-fiber reinforced socket … like the replaceable tips on screwdrivers.


With many styles of resting a guitar on your leg, the leg rest was designed with human proportion in mind. It is segmented on “Phi” – also known as “The Golden Ratio” – such that the ratio of the shorter leg to the longer leg is the same as the ratio of the longer leg to the overall length. This model of human proportion was observed by Leonardo Divinci in his sketch known as the “Vitruvian Man”

Leg RestWhile the leg rest does not rotate or pivot while in its socket, it can easily be removed and placed in any one of six positions to suit the user.

Attachment PortA tiny magnet embedded inside the attachment port provides a perfect fit. We made it that way to make it easy to detach before placing the instrument back into its case. Like the balance arm, the leg rest can be added afterward to any existing v2.

PalmGuitar v2.1

The fully-loaded PalmGuitar® v2.1 provides you with both options: the balance arm and the removable leg rest. And you don’t have to decide on which options you want when you order your PalmGuitar® since the modifications can be added later. Just save your shipping boxes until you decide for yourself.

The PalmGuitar® v2.1 costs US $949.95, plus shipping costs. if not available from stock should ship in less than a week. If you wish to upgrade your v2.0 to a v2.1 the cost is US $150 (plus shipping costs).

The PalmGuitar® v2 is made by a proprietary polymer process in China, and every v2 undergoes a rigorous 20 point setup procedure at our new factory in Oxford, Connecticut. All of the custom molded parts that form the options for the v2.1, v2.2 & v2.3 are both manufactured and assembled in the Oxford facility.

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